Domatica EdgeServer is the Ultimate Technology for IoT Edge Enablement. It is an ultra lightweight middleware for the IoT space that works as an Application Enablement Platform (AEP), which helps developers to build, integrate and manage their solutions extremely fast.
The Domatica EdgeServer provides ease of device connectivity, management and data collection activities. With a high scalable deployment technology and business application integration, it adds unlimited resources and services to IoT solutions.

The Domatica EdgeServer Broker for Northbound connections and the Domatica EdgeServer Node for Southbound connections are the main components of the Domatica EdgeServer Framework.

With more than 150 Northbound and Southbound ready-to-use connections, the Domatica EdgeServer helps to create edge IoT solutions really fast without the need of writing a single line of code.

EdgeServer Components

Technology that Simplifies Integration

EdgeServer enables seamless integrations between field sources and applications through its Broker and Node components.


The Domatica EdgeServer Broker is the upper layer component of the Domatica EdgeServer Framework which enables connectivity to any IT ecosystem (PaaS, SaaS, APPs) through its Services interfaces.
This component works as a message broker that translates messages from Domatica EdgeServer Nodes to IoT ecosystem.
The Domatica EdgeServer Broker can be instantiated in different architecture types (see below).
Domatica EdgeServer Broker’s Northbound interfaces are configured by adding Services to the system.

Services List

The Domatica EdgeServer Node is the lower layer component of the Domatica EdgeServer Framework. Due to its ultra lightweight edge technology it can be installed on any IoT gateway that runs on ARM, X86_32 and X86_64.
The Domatica EdgeServer Node component provides Edge Computing capabilities to subsystems by adding intelligent local processing in a Fog Computing architecture. It enables data collection activities and instant or automated actions near by any device location.
It also allows highly flexible configurations of Southbound interfaces through Drivers combination. Once the interfaces are configured, it works as a concentrator, enabling interoperability among multiple protocols and device types.

Drivers List
Domatica EdgeServer Topology

Domatica EdgeServer can be applied in different types of Topology

Cloud-based or Hybrid

For organizations who want to use a Cloud to Cloud Topology, either using Domatica Cloud Services or having the EdgeServer Broker installed in an IaaS Cloud as an Hybrid Solution. The EdgeServer Broker components can be deployed on Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud or any other IaaS.

On-Premise Distributed

For organizations with mandatory business requirements that demand on-premises solutions deployed behind the organization’s firewall, or that already have invested on server infrastructures for the same purpose.

On-Premise Compact

Similar to the On-Premise topology, but the EdgeServer Broker and Node components run on the same hardware equipment.

Certified Hardware

Domatica’s EdgeServer is an ultra lightweight software that runs on ARM, X86_32, X86_64, Windows or Linux and it is certified to run on the market major IoT Gateways.