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For intrepid IoT Software Developers:


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Domatica Global Solutions, S.A. is a technology company founded in 2002, specialized in the development of robust IoT edge technology for the fast deployment of IoT solutions, available already in several countries of all continents. Domatica’s EdgeServer software narrows the distance between the physical world and software applications by enabling connectivity, device management, data collection activities and local processing. Its unique features allow exceptional flexibility, very reduced communication latency and extremely low infrastructure costs.


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Our Research and Development Team is at the core of what we do! Is a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team spread across 4 offices in Portugal working with Agile methodologies and DevOps automated procedures making possible continuous integration and delivery.

Supporting the current business necessities and exploring new and exciting technologies in a daily basis, all challenges are analyzed, deconstructed and turned into elegant and functional solutions, keeping Domatica truly revolutionist.


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Research and Development Team is looking for a full time Software Developer’s (@Lisbon office) to develop core components and services of our flagship product, Domatica EdgeServer.

As a software engineer you’ll join an exciting team of top engineers, passionate about delivering high-quality software that evolves at the fast-pace of modern technology. At Domatica you will face a wide range of engineering challenges, from planning to implementation and testing, including language design, compiler optimizations, UX design, database design and tuning, web and mobile frontend development and much more.


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We’re looking for a software engineer that is versatile, enthusiastic and eager to be part of a project that will shape the future. Team-player attitude with strong work ethics in a collaborative environment is a must.


We will:

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	‘Thirsty to develop your skills with a top-notch team’,
	‘Eager to learn and available to teach others’,
	‘Unabated passion for technology’,
	‘Regular attendance and punctuality’)
AND academic_info = ‘Master Degree in Computer Science or similar’
AND (professional_experience_years BETWEEN 1 AND 2 OR relevant_projects > 0)
AND spoken_written_languages ~ ‘(English)+’
AND programming_languages    = ANY(‘C++’, ‘JAVA’, ‘Javascript’, ‘SQL’)
AND engines                  = ANY(‘Node’, ‘Redis’, ‘RabbitMQ’);
AND frameworks               = ANY(‘Angular’, ‘React’);


We need innovators! People who challenge convention and dare to dream.

Together, maybe we can turn the extraordinary… Well, ordinary!


What we have to offer you?

All the coffee that you can drink and summer company sunset’s. But, the more important things you can get from Domatica are:

  • A solid company that keeps growing, changing and innovating, giving teams room to be proactive and creative
  • Work colleagues that are as smart, hardworking and driven as you
  • Company culture that is based on transparency, teamwork and excellence
  • Work-life balance as one of the company pillars
  • Mentoring programs with top executives


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Thinking in given us a call?


If interested, send your application to with:

Subject: DOMbatch201804 – Your Name

Message: Say whatever you want (be creative)!

Attach:  English CV (Europass format)