M2M Gateway

M2M Gateway – Industrial IoT Gateway   Domatica’s M2M Gateway is the ultimate industrial IoT gateway, it narrows … Read More

I/O Controller

I/O Controller – Programmable Control Unit     Domatica’s I/O Controller is a programmable control unit, with universal inputs and … Read More


Data Logging

Data Logging The Domatica data logging solution allows remote recording from sensors with total flexibility, accurately and reliably. It is … Read More


 Metering Domatica’s metering solution enables remote and real-time data acquisition from different types of meters (eg: energy, gas, water, sewage, air quality) as … Read More

Monitoring and Control

Monitoring and Control Domatica’s Monitoring and Control is the ultimate solution for your projects. It is flexible and modular, allowing … Read More


Telemetry Domatica’s telemetry solution enables remote real-time data transmission for monitoring and control different type of devices (eg: energy, gas, … Read More

Notifications System

Notifications System Notification systems aim to supervise critical operations, where is necesserily required real-time information updates and alerting. Domatica provides M2M … Read More


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