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In the near future, the internet will connect almost everything, from people to information, resources, buildings, transports, and everyday objects. IoT (Internet of Things) is already revolutionizing the services sector, the industry and will transform the way we think, live, work and communicate. However, we still face major challenges when trying to connect a bulk of devices, due to great complexity of systems and proprietary technologies, which result in huge engineering efforts and infrastructure costs.

Domatica’s easyedge IoT edge platform¬†narrows the distance between field sources and software applications.

Its technology helps to create IIoT solutions really fast without the need of writing a single line of code. Domatica easyedge reduces costs and engineering efforts by mitigating technology integration issues, enabling the connected future live: today.


The easiest way to connect devices to applications

The Domatica's easyedge is a middleware platform that enables the connection of disparate devices with the IoT ecosystem seamlessly.


easyedge features

Simple to use and powerful to scale. Since you start using easyedge platform everything will change in your development ability.

Zero Coding

Connect field devices right away without writing a single line of code

easyedge Drivers & Services

Southbound and Northbound connectors that ease technology integrations seamlessly

Rules Engine

Powerful rules engine that works locally without relying on cloud communications

Easy to Setup

Configure your systems in few minutes

Runs in Multi-Processor

Runs in any ARM, X86_32 and X86_64

Asset Management Portal

Manage all your IoT Gateways and ecosystem services